We are focused on creating life changing ventures that will redefine healthcare delivery in the Philippines.

It is time we reimagine healthcare, all hands on deck.


For Patients

What we do

We create a space for innovation and creativity.

We support the development of new companies by providing start-up operational support such as mentorship, guidance, ancillary services, regulatory services and access to our special advisory circle



We choose high-impact ideas, then build them alongside our entrepreneurs. With our in-house expertise in launching and scaling, we provide foundational support in the early stages to set our entrepreneurs up for success and to enable them to focus on the work that truly matters.


We cooperate with companies to transform healthcare, through partnerships and joint ventures. We’re constantly growing our synergetic ecosystem, building on an already expansive network of health stakeholders, advisors, and investors.


We invest in promising health-focused companies at the seed stage. Our portfolio spans the entire healthcare landscape, with a special focus on consumer-centric, provider-centric, and pharma-centric digital solutions.

Our Ventures

Our Changemakers

Tim Michael | Managing Director

I love solving problems, and what better problems to solve than those that can have a positive impact on people’s lives? Having spent a considerable time in the Philippines, accelerating quality healthcare delivery and access to healthcare are topics very near and dear to my heart. This is precisely what we do at Pulse 63 every day.

Our Changemakers

Dr Angel Sianghao | Program Lead

I have always believed in the power of advocacies and passion. Moreso, with the reach of technology in universal healthcare. Joining Kindred enables me to combine my advocacy of women empowerment as well as universal inclusive healthcare through innovative strategies with the Pulse63 reach.

Our Changemakers

Sam Co | Junior Entrepreneur

Having been from a degree that is considered “pre-med” I decided to work for Pulse 63 and Committed Health because I believe that through venturing into the business side of health, I will be able to contribute and help improve the healthcare situation in the Philippines.

I love working with the CH team because we’re free to brainstorm new ideas and try those out! There really isn’t any wrong suggestion which makes my work much more fulfilling bringing my ideas to life.

Our Changemakers

Alan Arriaga | EIR

What could be more exciting than the combination of healthcare and technology? I can’t think of an industry that could have a bigger impact on improving people’s lives than healthcare, especially if it is supported on technology, design, and service.

News and Information

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